Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make Love

Make love to my mind
tell me things that I might find
hard to believe
things that are true nevertheless
Make love to my heart
bestow on my heart things you'd never give to another
let me make love to your mind
express my fears
my joys
my wonders
let me make love to your mind
expound on the things that make me 
want to love you for you
Let me make love to your heart
make promises on how you took me from the start
let me make love to your heart
assure you of my love and respect
for your inner being
make love to my soul
fill me with love and happiness 
no one will be able to replace
make love to my soul
take me places that only exist
between the two of us
allow me to make love to your soul
let me fill you with happiness and joy
you can touch and hold
let me make love to your soul
together our souls can mesh
together our souls can grow old
make love to my body
do with it as you please
make love to my body
make me crave
for your pleasure
I'll make love to your body
if you let me
just tell me where
you want it
I'll be sure to do more than just please
La-Shanta Holloway(c)2005

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not What You Think

It's not that I'm quiet because I'm shy
Or that I don't talk because I have nothing to say.
If you are around me then what's going on is
I'm watching you,
Cuz I see you watching me.

I know that you think that
you've got me all figured out
with that quick glance of your hooded eyes...
but you misunderstand what it is you see
And while I don't know what it is that you think you see,
I am sure that I am not what you think me to be

It's not that I'm single because no one wants me
Or that I'm alone because no one cares
I can tell it's perplexing you to see me
smile so confidently
in a room crowded with paired up lovers
I could correct you with a line of numbers
but, I can see you watching me
And already I know you don't like what you see

Though I should, I won't brag
Though I could, I won't boast
Even though I'm permitted, I will not alter your thoughts
of me
from what you see
But, I am pretty sure that I am not what you think me to be

My singleness does not compute into loneliness
nor me being on the prowl
I am not looking to take anything away from this crowd

I am very comfortable in my outer shell that you see
But you should see how I roll within my INNER me.

My head is held high because I'm confident in my walk
My smile is genuine because it makes it easier to talk
My back is straight
My words are sure
My step is clear

All I'm saying is go ahead and judge me...
I am confidently sure that I am not what you think me to be

I am a woman made from extraordinary trials & triumphs,
tribulations & happy-endings,
temptations & congratulations,
failures & successes,
downfalls & pitfalls,
struggles & cakewalks.....

No, it wasn't all easy, but that's how I KNOW
I am absolutely sure that I'm not what you think me to be.

(c) October 2011 ~ La-Shanta Holloway

Monday, July 18, 2011

It Is

It's amazing
It's terrifying
It's new
It's old hat
This feeling is foreign
and unforgettable
and Oh to well known
Where did it come from
Why am I feeling it now?
How do I define it
How can I not
What am I to do with this?
Why do I want to try?
It's simple
It's complicated
It's fun 
and scary
I want to lose myself in the excitement I feel
I want to run and hide
I'm trying on my "grown a&& woman" 
but the little girl in me doesn't want to give it a shot
I can't explain it 
I don't know how 
I can't describe it
I'm reluctant to try 
This feeling is weird
This feeling is strange
This feeling is awesome
Why am I so afraid?
(c) 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Can I?

Can I release myself unto you?
Can I strive for a love that is complete and true?
Can I wish for dreams to be made whole?
Can I ask for one who can see deep within my soul?
Can I want love to shine bright in my eyes?
Can I have a love that reaches high into the skies?
So many times, so many things....
So much hope, so many dreams.

Can I have a love that I will one day share?
Can I have the feel of your fingers running through my hair?
Can I be free to express the way I feel?
Can I make you believe that it is all real?
Can I dream of your arms wrapped around me tight?
Can I dream of lying next to you night after night?
Can I dream of your face with the morning dew?
Can I dream--just dream of you?
So many times, so many things....
So much hope, so many dreams.

Can I? Can I? Can I?
Can I tell you of a love that I just cannot deny?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take Your Place

Take your place
there's still room for one.
Stand at the base, in the mass
there's an abundance of love
waiting there for you.
Take your place
you're not required to lead
only be willing to follow
and obey, give it your all.
Take your place
claim your prize
Life everlasting
Forsake all else, receive the blessing.
Look up high and smile
Happily knowing that there's
still room for one.
And yet one more.
Take your place
and claim your joy. 
Take your place
and stand tall, stand strong
With others who've already claimed 
their own places.
With others who've chose to be
among the masses 
at the mountain's top.
Stand, pick up your cross.
Even though more have come, 
There's still room for one.
Hold your head high & proud
Stand up
Be not afraid
Nor be ashamed
Stand your ground
Give your praise
And take your place!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Love

Dear love,
Last week I threw away your picture.
My heart was heavy, that's for sure.
But, I tossed it in the trash
like last week's garbage....
I almost went diving back in to pull it out.
(there was still much room for doubt)
And I wanted to try and salvage your memory
But, then, in my mind's eye your face filled the view in front of me.
So, I left the picture of your handsome face in the garbage bin.
I know that your memory will fade, so I'm moving on to something else 'til then.

Dear Love,
Last month, I tried really hard not to hear the tenor in your voice...
tried to forget how your laugh brought my heart so much joy.
But, the raspiness of your tone
stayed in my head all month long.
The deep resonating sound of your words bore into my brain
And like a popular song, I just wished it would rain.
That way, I'd hear instead
the sound of thunder and raindrops pounding on my head.

Dear Love,
Last year, I finally lost the sensation of your arms wrapped around me tight.
Of you snuggling close to me keeping me safe thru the night.
It took me a while, my dear,
But, finally, I forgot how I felt whenever your presence was so near.

Dear Love,
Time finally began moving again.
As I slowly forgot how I had you embedded in my brain.
My movements once again became precise and sure
As I came to grips with the fact that your arms would no more keep me secure.
My life pushed the play button finally and the picture showing now is just what it should be.

Me being me....
me being me without needing...
me being me without wanting...
me being me without yearning...
me being me without desiring...
me being me without wishing for...
me being me without loving...
Me being me without you, dear Love.
(c) January 2006

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Going

I was broken
But, I'm still going
I was beaten
But, I'm still going
I was bruised
But, I'm still going.

I was knocked down, beaten up, and pushed around
But, I got up off the ground
I pushed up on my hands and knees
Now I stand tall-even high enough to touch the trees

I keep my head held high
My thoughts and eyes to the sky
I keep one foot in front of the other
One step, two steps, another and another

You can look at me as though I'm crazy
But to me, it doesn't matter what you see
No one ever said the going would be easy
To keep going is the key
No one ever said the road would be light
The answer is to keep the fight

I was broken
But, I'm still going
I was beaten
But, I'm still going
I was bruised
But, I'm still going

Everyone has to keep going
It's what keeps this life worth living
Never giving up, never giving in
I'm in this to stay - I plan to win

So, break me - You can try
Beat me - Sure, I'll cry
Bruise me, use me, push me down
I'll just get back up again and again

You can try, try hard, you're not gonna win
No matter what you're doing
I'm still going

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did U Feel Me?

Did U feel me last night
as I snuggled close to U
as I lay my head on Ur chest and watched
as Ur belly rose and fell with each breath U took
as I ran my fingertips across Ur jawline,
feeling the smoothness of Ur skin

Did U feel me last night
as I hugged my body even closer to Urs
as I felt the heat off Ur skin envelope me
making me feel safe
As I whispered how much I loved U so

Did U feel me last night
as I blinked back emotional tears
as I struggled to convey to U
that I would always be here for U
as I poured my love out for U
trying to make sure U understood how I feel for U

Did U feel me last night
as I made love to U
without making love to U
as I gave to U my heart
Did U feel me last night?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Naked I Stand

Naked I stand before U
my soul bared
my arms outstretched
my heart wide open.

Naked I stand before U
wanting to express my love in ways sex can never reveal
wanting to touch U in ways my fingers can never feel
wanting my eyes to speak volumes my voice can never carry
wanting to tell of my love for U in ways words can never define.

Naked I stand before U
Thoughts of wanting U fill my mind
Memories of Ur kisses brush my lips
The sensation of Ur arms wrapped around my body send
shivers up my spine.
The need to feel U fills me up
intoxicating like wine.
As my mind's eye conjures up a picture of your handsome grace
Goose bumps take over and a smile appears on my face

Naked I stand before U
trying to gauge your perception
wanting to prove I can be true
longing for the chance to give my love to U
exposed to the pain that could be caused by your rejection.

Naked I stand
Naked and alone
... and afraid
... and scarred
... and in love
Naked I stand before U

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did U Touch Me?

Did U touch me?
I know, I know that sounds like a weird question to ask.
But, as I stand here in awestruck confusion, thinking of u, I can only ask,
Did U touch me?

It might have been that soft caress your eyes brushed on my face 
as you gazed deep into me
Or, it could have been that breeze off your breath 
as you whispered in my ears
with words so soft
they crashed into me so hard they drew tears
Could it have been a fathom graze of your fingertips 
on my skin
I ask again, 
Did U touch me?

I listen daily to your words of endearment
from your mouth to God's ears, 
bypassing my soul
My yearning desire to light a fire from my toes
to the tipy top of my head
Causing confusion and excitement
and loss of breath
a light to glean in my eyes
for everyone passing by to see
I need to know, 
Did U touch me?

As I sleep and dream, and toss and turn
alone in my bed
as my core being burns
with thoughts, hopes, dreams
Deep in the middle of the night
thoughts so clear I awake in fright
Afraid of what might be,
should be,
could never be,
between we
Just tell me,
Did U touch me?

As I gaze upon ur image floating thru my head
As I wonder with fear, delight, unadulterated dread
As I consider options
choices that I'm not free to make
As I think of futures that will never be 
I clearly wonder
Did U touch me?