Monday, July 18, 2011

It Is

It's amazing
It's terrifying
It's new
It's old hat
This feeling is foreign
and unforgettable
and Oh to well known
Where did it come from
Why am I feeling it now?
How do I define it
How can I not
What am I to do with this?
Why do I want to try?
It's simple
It's complicated
It's fun 
and scary
I want to lose myself in the excitement I feel
I want to run and hide
I'm trying on my "grown a&& woman" 
but the little girl in me doesn't want to give it a shot
I can't explain it 
I don't know how 
I can't describe it
I'm reluctant to try 
This feeling is weird
This feeling is strange
This feeling is awesome
Why am I so afraid?
(c) 2011