Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not What You Think

It's not that I'm quiet because I'm shy
Or that I don't talk because I have nothing to say.
If you are around me then what's going on is
I'm watching you,
Cuz I see you watching me.

I know that you think that
you've got me all figured out
with that quick glance of your hooded eyes...
but you misunderstand what it is you see
And while I don't know what it is that you think you see,
I am sure that I am not what you think me to be

It's not that I'm single because no one wants me
Or that I'm alone because no one cares
I can tell it's perplexing you to see me
smile so confidently
in a room crowded with paired up lovers
I could correct you with a line of numbers
but, I can see you watching me
And already I know you don't like what you see

Though I should, I won't brag
Though I could, I won't boast
Even though I'm permitted, I will not alter your thoughts
of me
from what you see
But, I am pretty sure that I am not what you think me to be

My singleness does not compute into loneliness
nor me being on the prowl
I am not looking to take anything away from this crowd

I am very comfortable in my outer shell that you see
But you should see how I roll within my INNER me.

My head is held high because I'm confident in my walk
My smile is genuine because it makes it easier to talk
My back is straight
My words are sure
My step is clear

All I'm saying is go ahead and judge me...
I am confidently sure that I am not what you think me to be

I am a woman made from extraordinary trials & triumphs,
tribulations & happy-endings,
temptations & congratulations,
failures & successes,
downfalls & pitfalls,
struggles & cakewalks.....

No, it wasn't all easy, but that's how I KNOW
I am absolutely sure that I'm not what you think me to be.

(c) October 2011 ~ La-Shanta Holloway