Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Love


Dear Love

Dear Love,
Last week I threw away your picture 

my heart was heavy, that's for sure
But, I tossed it in the trash 
like last week's garbage 
I almost went diving back in to pull it out
(there was still much room for doubt)
And I wanted to try and salvage your memory
but then in my mind's eye your face filled the view in front of me
So, I left the picture of your handsome face in the garbage bin
I know that your memory will fade, so I'm moving on to something else till then.

Dear Love,
Last month, I tried really hard not to hear the tenor in your voice

tried to forget how your laugh brought my heart so much joy
But the raspiness of your tone 
stayed in my head all month long
The deep resonating sound of your words bore into my brain
And like a popular song, I just wished it would rain
That way I'd heard instead 
the sound of thunder & raindrops pounding on my head

Dear Love, 
Last year, I finally lost the sensation of your arms wrapped around me tight
Of you snuggling close to me, keeping me safe through the night
It took me a while, my dear
but finally I forgot how I felt whenever your presence was so near

Dear Love, 
Time finally began moving again
as I slowly forgot how I had embedded you in my brain
My movements once again became precise and sure
As I came to grips with the fact that your arms would no more keep me secure
My life pushed the play button finally 
And the picture showing now is just what it should be

Me being me without needing . . . 

me being me without wanting . . .
me being me without yearning for . . .
me being me without desiring . . .
me being me without wishing for . . .
me being me without loving . .  

Dear Love . . .
(c) 1/2006

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreaming Awake (A Haiku)

Dreaming Awake

Dreaming Awake

eyes closed daytime night
i see you there arms open
love takes over done


Monday, May 6, 2013

Turn Me On

Turn Me On

Flip me on like a light switch
call my name in the dark
Caress my ears with the whispers of your promises
to slow stroke me like a leisurely walk in the park
Turn me on

Take your time convincing me that this will never end
maneuver my curves carefully 
like a drive on a road with constant bends 
Turn me on 

Penetrate my body's spirit 
with the fire of your desire
melt my mind's defensive walls
as the hot embers from your lava falls
Turn me on

Bring me to the pinnacle
the top
the apex
Bring me to explosion 
with the mere thought of your sex
Turn me on

(c) 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No Title

I am not Jesus but I gave him my life
As he examined the gift
he began to proclaim
that my life
though vast and inviting
simply was not enough

I am not Jesus but I gave him my life
and the weight of the price I offered him
just wasn't quite healthy enough

I am not Jesus but I gave him my life
I drew him in and offered him solace
I implanted him into the seams of my life
like a chick gets a new bosom
and I asked for nothing in return
but his love and patience
I embraced him wholeheartedly
and in return
a receipt
expecting more

I am not Jesus but I gave him my life
he  wanted my soul

But not whole...
battered & broken
crushed & cursed
shattered & skewered

Alive, but not living

I am not Jesus, but I gave him my life
and he broke my soul
even if for a moment

And now...
He's gone

And life goes on.....
I am not Jesus, but I've risen again......
(c) 2013